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22nd February 2006

cannon_man10:50pm: THE NEW BABY IS HERE, THE NEW BABY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!


16th February 2006

geburton11:59am: Blatant Advertisement for Natural Substances (sorry, no weed)
Oops I shouldn't have mentioned the weed. The NSA is probably going to come down on me for that one. At least I didn't mention bombs or jihad -- Oh darn I did it again, now I'm really in trouble. Better change the topic or I'll get an all expense vacation to Gitmo.

*** Important ***
If you don't take natural supplements stop reading and go walk your dog, cat, small child, or whatever fits on a leash. I don't want to waste your time!

Still here? OK…

I started taking a variety of natural supplements to shrink the tumor I have. Our local natural medicine store is called the "The Herb Shop". The 1st time I went it cost me $200. Ouch! Nonetheless I did this once before with IBS and it really worked (nothing the doctors did helped), plus when you have a tumor in you brain you do this sort of thing.

When I went back for refills I talked to the proprietor (interesting guy, he left the ministry because he said the was called to sell natural herbs) and told him that amount was more than I, a lowly unemployed dizzy person with a tumor in his head and who walked many miles to school each day as a child, without shoes, in the winter… could afford. He offered to knock off a percentage off the purchase, but I ho-hummed on that too.

He then offered that if I signed up as a "member" for Nature's Sunshine he would knock off $20% and give me up to $40 off the next purchase. I had to fill out a form to join. Sure enough it worked. I got the immediate discount and when I ordered more stuff off the web I got to use the 20% off (details on their web site)

Reading the web site, I discovered that the shop owner didn't explain that the company operates on a multi-level-marketing (MLM) manner (which I suspected) and when people who buy stuff using my secret account/sponser number I get a rebate, making my purchases cheaper.

So, IF AND ONLY IF you are already taking natural supplements and want to cut the price a bit you can do it too. The company is Nature's Sunshine, which the Herb Shop guy claims is very good stuff (How would I know)?

They sell a zillion products so if you are taking natural substances they probably have what you take. Their not cheap (compared to Walgreen's) but it's mostly natural stuff and you can't buy the unusual things I'm taking at Walgreen's.

If interested: goto http://www.naturessunshine.com, place an order, Then check out using my secret number: 1953382-3 (you might have to omit the dash, or even the "-3", darned if I know). Check out the "opportunity" link if want to understand the MLM stuff.

PS: I got the discount on the first purchase; when the welcome kit came it had a coupon for up to another $40 off. I don't know if this was intentional but it worked.

Take care everyone.

PS: Has anyone thought of picking this stuff ourselves? Right now I need an olive tree and a patch of red clover... makes you wonder.

14th February 2006

narnianatheart10:26am: Bring the Papa!
It would be great if ya'll could come and bring Papa. Court checks into Good Samaritan Thursday night (barring baby's arrival earlier), gets meds nice and slow overnight, then serious meds starting around 7:ish Friday morning, so there will be a baby sometime Friday. By Saturday or Sunday afternoon she'll be glad for some company. Of course, you may have some competition for visiting, Gabe's family is pretty big, so you may meet some of them while you're there. Unless the baby come earlier than Friday, Court will be there till Sunday afternoon, minimum. She may be there till Monday morning.

Pray for Court and Amber, Court for obvious reasons and Amber because she really wants to be there with Court for the delivery, but she is struggling with those horrid migraines.

If you come you may want to drop Papa off at the front door, then go park because it's a bit of a hike from the parking garage.

I'm terribly impressed with Ben's swimming! A musician and athelete -- how many girls are following him? Please have him post here to address this issue. Inquiring minds want to know!
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12th February 2006

geburton8:48pm: Black HP Babies Swimming Donkeys Grandpa's Visiting
*** BABY ***
Courtney - have you talked to the Dr. about inducing? What's so great about letting the baby schedule everything? What does the baby know? It isn't even born yet. Let you doctor know that your convenience is the important issue here! Doctors need to be told what to do, otherwise they'll start telling you what to do. Ben was induced and it was great (as far as having babies goes...). We went to the hospital around 7, they broke Ann's water at 8, Ben popped out by noon, once Ben was squared away Ann got up and took a shower and didn't even miss her soap opera… Best birth I ever attended!

>>> FOR SALE <<<
HP 26 (aka HP 51626A) InkJet Cartridges (Black). If you have an HP device (printer, all in one, fax, whatever) you might use this very common cartridge. I'm selling them regularly on ebay but you are eligible for the friends and family special. I will also consider trading some of them for a car, donkey or mule - any means of conveyance.

Grandpa Burton. We plan to fetch him this Fri the 17th and take him home Monday the 20th. If Courtney has that baby we may be able to bring him up for a visit (Grandpa, not the baby). Grandparents like seeing new babies and that sort of thing. Assuming of course that Courtney is up for it and the baby has arrived.

If you want to get together with Grandpa (and us) you now know the schedule. Come one come all.

ALERT! Grandpa & Matt both are having birthdays this week (20 and 70 I think, someone check my math please). We're thinking of giving grandpa a DVD player... so a DVD might be a thoughtful picture. You could burn your digital pics of the grandkids (or whatever) on a CD which he can pop in and watch as a slide show. Inexpensive, yet personal...

+++ OTHER NEWS +++
Swim season is over. Ben finally met his personal goal of 50-free in under a minute. Not good enough for the Olympics yet but he's working on it.

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6th February 2006

fireflymommy5:17pm: No Baby Yet
To update everyone on me. I'm still pregnant is pretty much it. I'm having my next appointment and another ultrasound on Wednesday and hopefully (crosses fingers) will be able to set a date for an induction. As much as I hate the idea of the much faster really intense contractions, I'm ready for it. I'm...miserable all the time and having Josie is the only thing that I can think of to get a fuller nights sleep. A lady at our church just had her baby today, she's not due until the 17 of Feb. So I was due what 3 weeks before her and she had hers first!! In what world is that fair? I don't know either but I'm going to file a complaint with some one high!! That's it I have to go sit back down and put my feet up some where!
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24th January 2006

amber_mod6:22pm: Historic first posting
Hi guys! Welcome to our family blog! This will be a place to post our family news, pictures and stories. It can be a vehicle for almost anything - a place to gather a group history about our experiences with migraines, meds and doctors, as well as a place to share more information about ourselves. Livejournal is equipped to do nearly anything we need it to.

Your first step should be to set up a personal user name on livejournal. That will allow you to join our little community here. Once you've joined, you'll have the freedom to post whatever you like - photographs, stories, questions, etc. I've set myself up as the moderator of this community, so I should, hopefully, be able to answer your questions and help you out.

Good luck!

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